The Facial


Pamela’s exclusive facials are designed to fit the needs of the client’s skin, Pamela will make that decision after thorough skin evaluation. All products used in the facials are products designed by Pamela.

Pamela’s Exclusive Facial 

Beginning with a complete analysis of your skin type and followed by a thorough deep cleansing of the skin. This luxurious treatment starts out with massage under steam to open pores, increase circulation, and soften and prepare the skin for extractions. This is followed by Enzymes, which is the key that separates this facial from all others. The familiar human enzyme when applied topically to the skin, rapidly improves the metabolism of dermal cells in the skin. The highly active enzyme reprograms skin cells to use more energy thereby rejuvenating themselves without incurring sun sensitivity, flaking or irritation . These distinct enzymes will lift, tighten and firm facial skin, as well as reduce pore size. They will also increase textual clarity and balance pigment tones. This powerful facial ends with healing and nourishing compounds, applied to the skin, which should be left on for 3-5 hours after your facial. The effects of this facial are cumulative and the benefits increase with each treatment. Expect your skin to be clean, glowing and dramatically improved.

Facials Done By Pamela’s Highly Trained Estheticians

(Available upon request)