Skin Care Fall Tips

Essentials for Fall Care

Now that its fall… get a peel! This is a good time for it. You may have some down time, and you will want to rejuvenate from the whole summer of dry, damaged, freckled and de-hydrated skin cells.

Just think Pre-Holiday Preparation time! September through October is the best time to get it all done. By Halloween… you want to be flawless! You need to look good for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, don’t you?

As far as a peel, you have many different choices. You could do a chemical peel, laser peel, or a peel that requires only a few days down time. It’s up to you and how much time you have. Make sure you consult with your skin care expert about which will be the best for your skin type.

Since it’s starting to cool down, you don’t necessarily have to be using an SPF 100 as I like you to do in the summer. I’m fine with an SPF of 30 to 50 (applied in the morning) if you are just going about your regular day. There are many different sunscreens out there. If you are sensitive to sunscreen, which a lot of people are, you can use a no chemical sunscreen… which is basically a pure zinc block, I recommend you using my “No Chemical Sunscreen SPF30”.

During the fall season, you may want to have slightly heavier hydration applied to skin. Since I love oils on the skin, you can add oil to your moisturizer. This makes it a better transfer of hydration into the skin.  You can also add oils to your bath; you can saturate your body while still wet and warm from the shower with an oil or moisturizer. It is very important to keep the skin exfoliated in order to keep it hydrated. Dead skin cells sitting on the skin makes it impossible for any moisture to penetrate.

I recommend using oils and serums as opposed moisturizer. Why? I just feel that I have found very few moisturizers that really work. They usually just sit on the face and never really penetrate the pores. They have a tendency to clog and just make a mess of the skin. I spend a lot of time extracting moisturizer from people’s pores. That being said, there are great products out there that will keep the skin hydrated, supple, and moist. You just have to find the right one for you. I created a lavender oil water spray that hydrates your skin amazingly.

So have a happy autumn everyone! Hope this helps you all during the fall months.