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When I first walked through Pamela’s door, my skin was raging with psoriasis. It covered my entire body, from my scalp to my toes. Even Pamela was shocked when she saw me! I had been struggling with the skin disease since college, and I had resorted to wearing long pants and sleeves year-round to save myself the embarrassment of people staring or asking me what was wrong with my skin. When I asked Pamela if she could help me, I didn’t expect that she really could. Bless her heart… she took me in and showed me how to care for my skin. Within a few weeks of using her Acne Scrub and her Potion I could already see an UNBELIEVEABLE difference in texture, and the redness and scaling had faded significantly. Today, I have NO visible signs of psoriasis at all. I am proud to say that I spent this entire summer wearing shorts and sundresses! I am so grateful that Pamela gave me the secrets to having healthy skin. Her guidance saved me from giving up on my dreams because of how hideous my skin was. I finally stopped feeling like a monster and started to feel like a confident, beautiful woman who could achieve anything! Now I actually get COMPLIMENTS on my skin! I just smile and say “Thank You” as if it has always been this amazing…. But you and I know better. It’s all because of Pamela.